Construction, Architecture, Laboratories

The GMP-compliant design of buildings such as clean rooms, laboratories and production areas requires comprehensive planning and extensive knowledge of the production process. Whether conversion during ongoing operations or entirely new construction projects, we plan the complex framework conditions for processes and operations in the GxP-regulated environment right from the start. All parts of the building are designed accordingly and logistically linked.

“People flow, material flow, logistics – we know the requirements for equipment, process media, storage and sustainability and therefore always think one step further when planning and designing the building.”

Construction and architecture

Our architects, engineers and logistics analysts design efficiently functioning buildings and infrastructures, regardless of whether they are new constructions or conversions.

The expertise of our architects:

Clean rooms and laboratories

Laboratories are a central element in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, whether for basic research, drug development or the final quality control of finished production batches. Drug development and quality control rely on laboratories that comply with the rules of good practice (GXP) and BSL (Bio Safety Level) and have a carefully planned and functional design.

The expertise of our laboratory planners:

People flow, material flow, logistics

A successful site design facilitates the coherence between processes, storage, material flows, supply facilities and personnel workplaces.

The expertise of our logistics specialists: