The Engineering Group: Protopharma and Formapharm

ProtoPharma Engineering GmbH and its sister companies of the FormaPharm Engineering Group together form a wide-ranging group of companies that specialize in consulting and engineering services for the process industry. We work for our customers at 10 locations in Germany, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Vietnam with over 100 employees.

ProtoPharma and FormaPharm complement each other both in the industries and in the project portfolio and have been established on the market for over 28 years. Together we occupy a strong position in consulting and engineering for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

As a premium medium-sized engineering service provider, the group focuses primarily on the DACH-Balkan axis, but also has very good relationships with Russia and Asia. We want to continuously expand this strong position in the coming years. Clear, future-oriented thinking on the one hand, the continuous optimization of our processes and instruments on the other, as well as a trusting and long-term relationship with our customers form the basic requirements for this.

Quality promise and planning security

In order to satisfactorily meet the customer needs and goals of each project, we as a group have defined guidelines and quality criteria for our processes, which we always follow: Starting with consulting and planning, through the preliminary design, budgeting and concept phase, to the final project implementation.

Highest quality consulting: secured by regulations and economically expedient
Top notch advice is an essential. Right from the start, we steer your project on a legally secure and economically sensible course through careful, competent advice.

Risk minimization: time and budget in view at all times
Our assessed preliminary design services minimize risk by avoiding time delays and cost overruns and guarantee quality compliance in every project phase.

Competence paired with creativity and communication
We commit to every project, from development to completion, with creativity, strong processes and open communication.

Project management par excellence
Our project management team is excellent and has state of the art expertise.

The perfect solution every time
In terms of efficiency, profitability and the highest possible quality for our customers, we adapt our services depending on the project requirements.