Projekt management for small and large projects

Highest quality requirements, complex framework conditions and short time to market. Modern life science projects are more demanding than ever and are under high time and cost pressure.

“Safely executed projects. Clearly worked out goals, precisely assigned tasks, fair contracts and implementation with binding deadlines. Everything coordinated and responsible from A-Z under one roof.”

Our specialists are a well-coordinated team and ensure that your project is completed within the defined cost and time frame and with the agreed quality. Our organization is flexible enough to cater to your specific requirements and adapt processes accordingly. We are open to cooperation with your suppliers and subcontractors and give you expert advice if you have not yet found the right partner.

Clarity from start to finish

In the kick-off meeting, we jointly define the framework conditions for our project and document them in the project manual. To ensure smooth communication right from the start, you have a central contact person who will coordinate closely with you throughout the entire project and will be at your side until the final project presentation.

Structured scheduling and overview

Work packages, tasks, resources, milestones. By documenting not only the planning elements, but also their relationships to one another, we obtain a complete network of all elements. In this way, we not only have individual changes in view, but also their consequences for the entire project.

Professional procurement process

Machines for the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field of pharmaceutical finishing (shaping, filling, packaging), are purchased as a package unit. This must be integrated into the overall system at the manufacturer. We coordinate your suppliers with professional expediting and a structured procurement process. With on-site appointments and intensive support from order to delivery, we ensure that all the required system components are delivered to the construction site at the right time, in the required quality and on budget.

This is how we ensure the success of your GMP project: