Range of expertise - overview of our services

The ProtoPharma Engineering GmbH is a consulting service provider in the field of pharmaceutical engineering. Our recipe for success: We combine the knowledge and experience of our employees with reliable technology – and have been satisfying our customers with services of the highest quality and the best project management for many years.

Our team is highly committed throughout the entire project to support everyone involved in making timely decisions and implementing the project. Our proven results and experience offer our customers the security that their projects are on schedule and on budget.”

Our areas of competence and services

Everything you need to achieve your project goals.


In order to satisfactorily meet the customer needs and goals of each project, we have defined guidelines and quality criteria for our processes, which we always follow: Starting with consulting and planning, through the preliminary design, budgeting and concept phase, to the final project implementation.

1. Highest consulting quality: secured by regulations and economically expedient
Sound advice is an essential foundation. Right from the start, we bring your project on a legally secure and economically sensible course through careful, competent advice.

2. Risk minimization: time and budget in view at all times
Our assessed preliminary design services serve to minimize risk by avoiding time delays and cost overruns and guarantee quality compliance in every project phase.

3. Competence paired with creativity and communication
We commit ourselves to every project, from development to completion, with creativity, strong processes and open communication.

4. Project management par excellence
Our project management team has excellent expertise and over two decades of experience.

5. The perfect solution every time
In terms of efficiency, profitability and the highest possible quality for our customers, we adapt our services depending on the project requirements.